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Prince Fielder: World Series or Bust?

In a stunning off-season move that shocked the baseball world, the Detroit Tigers have become a World Series favorite.  By adding Prince Fielder to the team the Tigers now have one of the most potent line-ups in all of baseball.  First reported by CBSSports.com and Yahoo! Sports, Fielder signed a nine-year deal worth $214 million.Now the big question the Tigers have is who will play third base. Not a bad problem to have. Both Miguel Cabrera and Fielder are first basemen.  Cabrera did play third while at the Mariners, but he committed 48 errors in his time there.  They also have utility man Ryan Raburn, who can virtually play anywhere Jim Leyland puts him, including third base. I think using him at third would be the better option.  Split time with Fielder and Cabrera at first and play the other as DH.

Another question the Tigers have is what are they going to do when Victor Martinez recovers from his injury? Another not-so-bad problem. Martinez was the designated hitter for the Tigers last year, but with Fielder and Cabrera they are almost forced to put Cabrera at third when Martinez returns.  But when he does return, the line-up will be even more dangerous. Martinez batted .330 and had 103 RBIs; combined with Cabrera’s .344 batter average and his 30 HRs and 105 RBIs, they were one of baseball’s best duos.  Add Fielder’s stat line and this team is going to be very dangerous and rack up runs.

Now I believe that the Tigers either need to work extensively on Austin Jackson’s bat or find a new lead-off  hitter, but with Juan Pierre now signed to the Phillies, options are limited.  Also with Cuban defector Yoenis Cespedes, the Tigers could potentially add another big bat.

With just a few months to go before spring training, it’s too early to tell how the Tigers will do, but it’s clear that they are making a huge World Series push, and anything else would be a disappointment to the team.


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