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Creative writing … and more

By RYAN CAREY, Staff Writer

Have an interest in writing or reading? If so, there’s a club at MMCC that’s looking for you.

The Creative Writing Club, which was introduced at the Pickard campus last semester, is still trying to gain some traction among students. Last semester the group was responsible for the spamming of posters on every cork board, bathroom door, and drinking fountain on campus, so there is a good chance you are at least familiar with the name.

Do not let the group’s name mislead you—it should actually be named The Group That is Very Flexible When it Comes to Activities and So Forth When Students are in Attendance to Club Meetings, however something about The Creative Writing Club had a better ring to it. The truth is that you don’t need to be a writer to join the club. If you like to read, write, criticize work, like doing writing exercises, or really enjoy anything else relative to those subjects, then you should consider getting involved.

Maybe you just want to meet people who like to read/write and you haven’t read a book in your life … you are still welcome to come on through. The club pertains to the arts, and it is what you, the students, make it.

Although there are no official meetings set for this semester, it remains active as an interest- based group. So if you are interested in being updated about the club or any of its activities, contact me.

If it’s commitment that you’re worried about, you needn’t worry. Just because you show up to one meeting does not make you part of the group (unless you want to join). If you have ideas for club activities or meetings, your suggestions are welcome.

For more information or to express an interest in participating, contact Ryan Carey at rdcarey13@yahoo.com.

(Ryan Carey is president of The Creative Writing Club.)


One comment on “Creative writing … and more

  1. AWESOME article Ryan! Love it! I knew you could do it!

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