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MMCC student stars in local production

MT. PLEASANT — Imagine if James Bond had been played by Gilligan. That’s what you get with Luke James, the lead character in the Broadway Players production of Sin, Sex and the C.I.A.MMCC student Kelly Rocheleau, 19, of Mt. Pleasant, stars as James in the show that will be presented mid February at the Broadway Theatre.According to the play’s director, the show is about a meeting between the State Department and a representative of the Chagos Islands who recently discovered oil.

Kelly Roucheleau as "Luke James" in front of the Broadway. Photo by Janet Sowle.

“There are spies there to disrupt the meeting,” explained Cindy Kilmer, 54, of Mt. Pleasant. “There’s a bumbling, idiotic, novice C.I.A. agent who was hired to cover the meeting and he does a bad job but he’s very lovable.”

According to Kilmer, Rocheleau’s character is a cross between Get Smart and the Pink Panther. She picked him for the part because he was more creative and innovative than some of the others.

“He came with some ideas already about the personality of his character that I appreciated,” Kilmer said. When they were asked to do a karate move everyone else who auditioned gave the same basic karate move. When it was Rocheleau’s turn, he did a “really goofy crane thing” which still makes her laugh.

Rocheleau started on the Broadway stage in 2005 with a small part in To Kill a Mockingbird. “I was so nervous then,” Rocheleau said. “There were so many good people. To me, I felt like I was surrounded by giants. Literally and figuratively cause I was so tiny. I was just starting seventh grade.”

Rocheleau enjoys the stretch that James gives him. He usually plays the more shy, reserved, nerdy characters but this character is a confident can-do kind of guy.

“He never really considers ‘I can’t do that,’” Rocheleau said. “It’s so hilarious. The stuff that I do in this show it’s just so ridiculous. Hopefully people will like it.”

Currently in his second semester at MMCC, Rocheleau also appeared in several shows at Mt. Pleasant High School and was part of the One Act Play Festival at the Broadway in 2010.

During his down time Rocheleau enjoys writing reviews and stories. He recently wrote a one-act play for his Theater Appreciation class at MMCC. Students were broken into small groups and each wrote a play. The group had to choose which one to submit and his was selected.

Sin, Sex and the C.I.A. was chosen somewhat by accident. The show’s title is similar to the show Kilmer directed last year Love, Sex and the I.R.S. Thinking it had the same authors, Kilmer ordered a copy to read and submitted it to the Friends of the Broadway Board of Directors for their approval. As it turned out, the authors aren’t the same but it is a comedy. With cabin fever setting in during the winter, she wants the audience to be able enjoy a “light, comical farce.”

“I can do that, I thought after reading it.” Kilmer said making a reference to Rocheleau’s character’s can-do attitude. “We are having fun. That’s it. We’re just here to entertain ourselves and hopefully the audience.”

The show will be performed on Feb. 17, 18, 24 and 25 at 7 p.m. and Feb. 19 and 26 at 2 p.m. at the Broadway Theatre, 216 E. Broadway in Mt. Pleasant. Tickets are $8 and all seating is general admission. For more information visit their website at http://www.FriendsOfTheBroadway.org.

Sin, Sex and the C.I.A. cast list:
Luke James: Kelly Rocheleau
Daniel: Michael Ray Meakin
Margaret: Christine Boucher Jurick
Rev. Samuel: Bruce Kilmer
Millicent: Kathryn Leonard
Heather: Lindsey Read
Ranger Don: Kendall Farnum


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