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March 2012

This is our second month at TheLakerCurrent.com. I told you last month that our goal is to post each month’s edition on the first Monday of every month. Had I thought ahead I would have told you then this March edition would be delayed due to Spring Break.

I am happy this month that I can share part of my hometown with you. If you’ve never attended the Clare Irish Festival, now is the time to do so. There is something for everyone regardless of their age. A few of the highlights of the festivals are included with the story.

Last month I was a little wordy so I dropped this next part. Now I hope you’ll give me a couple more minutes of your time. I have something I want to say to a couple people.

Before we published our first edition Susan Hood, our advisor, asked me if I would be editor. I was floored. Susan, I can’t begin to thank you for the honor and all of the hard work it involves. I have learned so much from you and I look forward to working with you in the future. I hope we can make the paper strong enough that it will have a lasting legacy. Again, I can’t thank you enough so I’ll leave it at that … Thank you SHood!

Betsy Schafer has been with us since the very beginning. In fact, last summer, there were only times it was just Betsy and I and in all honesty — it was mostly her. She writes about the local music scene and you will find her work under her byline Elizabeth Schafer. In addition to writing she serves as Associate Editor. There are times we easily could have given up. But Betsy has drive and kept pushing us forward. Thanks Betsy. Without you we might not be here and I really enjoy working with you.

We also have a facebook page (www.facebook.com/TheLakerCurrent) so please “Like” us. You can also find us on Twitter @LakerCurrent. We will be adding updates and late-breaking information throughout the month on both of those sites.

If you have an event or group you would like to see us cover, send an email to editor@midmich.edu and one of us will get back with you.

Janet Sowle, Editor


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