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Oh, the benefits of black rice

By NICCI LYNN, Staff Writer

One American dies of a heart-related issue every minute, according to Americanheart.org., and cancer, the third leading cause of death, is impacting Americans at alarmingly younger ages. With more media attention and increased awareness of these health concerns, many Americans are realizing it is important to fight back early on.

While the benefits of some foods may be old news to some, many may not have heard about the health benefits of black rice. The purplish-colored rice was well protected in Asia for many centuries and was served only to royalty because it was believed to possess so many health benefits.

While we’re on the topic of disease, coronary diseases are known for targeting women. With that said, a quarter-cup of black rice contains a substantial two grams of fiber, including four percent of iron and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also gluten-free, which is a bonus because gluten is a property that has been found to cause blockages in the lining of the body. These properties have helped catapult black rice toward the top of many lists of heart-healthy foods.

Furthermore, there are many reasons to eat black rice. Your professor would be impressed with your ability to budget, and, with more than $3.3 billion spent on research on cardiascular healthin the last 60 years, and $1 trillion in health care reform in the next 10 years, what a  great way to save your heart and your wallet!

It’s also a breeze to cook, and with a little thought and added ingredients it can be dressed up to delight even the most discriminating palate.

Basic Black Rice:
Bring 3 ½ cups of water to a boil
Add 2 cups of black rice
Set timer to 20 minutes
Turn stove off and allow rice to absorb water, stirring to a fluff.

For additional taste, why not try adding one of the following:

  • Sloppy Joe mix
  • Dry tofu crumble and sloppy Joe mix
  • Guacamole and tomato
  • Salt and/or pepper to taste
  • Lemon zest to taste

And if you’d like, hollow a bell pepper, bake, and add the above. Don’t forget some cheese at the bottom, and, at the top!


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