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Karl Marx comes back to life


By SCOTT BURSEY, Staff Writer

MT. PLEASANT —  Mid Michigan Community College and Central Michigan University teamed up to lure scholarly philosopher Karl Marx from afterlife in the form of veteran actor Bob Weick Friday evening on CMU’s campus.

Weick’s performance was based on Karl Marx’s life and his worldly radical philosophies as created by the late Howard Zinn’s well-respected play, “Marx in Soho.”

In the show, Marx’s character uses examples of American businesses, education, and prisons to illustrate for his audience that his ideas still echo in today’s world.  Marx’s purpose for arriving in Mt. Pleasant was to “clear his name,” according to Weick.

“People often make a connection between Marx and the Soviet Union.  What happened there (USSR) has nothing to do with what Karl Marx intended or what his philosophies wanted to see have happen,” Weick said, referring to the way that the USSR was once ruled.  Using this production as the vehicle,  “Marx has a chance to redefine his philosophical and economic outlook,” added Weick.

Whether you are an undergraduate, a scholar, or a curious member of the community, Zinn’s dialogue was interesting and in excellent taste.  Marx (Weick) is able to connect with a wide variety of people due to a passionate exploration of what the nature of Socialism and Capitalism represent according to documented Marx theories.

The one-man play is extremely popular and took more than a year to coordinate.  Professor Brigitte Bechtold of the Sociology Department at CMU worked  hard to bring this top-notch reflection of Marx’s life to town.

“No matter if you agree with Marxist theory or not, the play was relevant to the times in which we live,”  said Kelly Deidre, an undergraduate student who traveled with two of her friends from Midland for the performance.


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