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Get wealthy without really trying

By NICCI LYNN, Staff Writer

Many students may not be aware that there are plenty of easy ways to change financial habits — and save a few dollars along the way.

For one thing, when is the last time you visited your library? The surrounding counties have fantastic services that offer the latest in video and CD selections.

If you just decided to utilize your available resources, and, instead of renting a  movie — for let’s say a dollar — every Saturday for one year — that’s roughly $52 back in your pocket! Turn that into a free cell phone bill, or, if you don’t already wash your car at home, you now have five free car washes, or, whatever.

Try getting rid of your cable bill and utilizing media online. By going directly to your favorite mainstream source, or, by digging around a little bit, you can save $50 a month! For instance, to watch the Oscars this year, some went tohttp://oscar.go.com instead. As a note, some episodes require a few hours of wait time in this method, but …  are you doing the math yet?

If you’re looking for a cheap date or family outing, thinking outside of the box is a bonus plus. You don’t have to spend $800 going to Six Flags. Don’t overlook the Ziibiwing Center in Mt. Pleasant that contains more than 9,000 square feet of cultural displays. Not to mention, the Alden Dow Home and Studio in Midland. If you want a personal tour, reservations are required and available Monday through Saturday.

Of course kickball never gets boring! And if you can ride your bike or take the bus for a month, that’s potentially a month of insurance back in your wallet, cha-ching!

Also, consider making your own: Cheap isn’t always healthy, but you can eat healthy and do it cheaply. Once you’re able to save a few dollars a month, you can buy your own supply kit and start making your own clothes and food with that investment toward a growing kit and/or sewing machine. People may look at you like you’re insane at first, however, once you get started, some people may even begin to think you’re quite savvy, and dig it!

I’ve heard that the Green Tree Co-op even donates its expired dairy items and veggies to a local soup kitchen. Now that’s one less reason to hesitate at being super savvy.

In a later Laker Current issue, current renters will learn more about how to become resourceful and become independently stable. Stay tuned.


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