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Mid Michigan Community College inducts honor students

Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society has inducted 76 new members and one honorary member, Quiana Haines, into the Alpha Omicron Omicron Chapter at Mid Michigan Community College.

Students must have earned at least a 3.5 grade point average and have completed at least 12 credit hours at MMCC before being eligible to join.

Chartered in April 18, 1989, AOO is one of more than 1,250 chapters in the society.  In their 23 years of existence, AOO members have grown to obtain the highest level of achievement — a 5 Star Chapter.  Through chapter and individual projects, they have succeeded in serving the college and community.

“Doors will open for you that you did not know were there,” said chapter president, Allyson Sura, as she addressed the new members at the induction ceremony on Friday, March 23. “You will discover new opportunities for learning and will expand your horizons through the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Study Topic.  Involvement in chapter projects based on the Society’s International Service Program focused on supporting local entities, will provide opportunities for personal development, and will help our college and community grow.

“The privilege of membership is yours,” Sura continued, “based solely on your outstanding academic record, and you will certainly want to consider the many opportunities membership affords.”

Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society inductees pictured from left to right: Front Row: Darlene Ritchie, James Neal, Marcia Miedzianowski, Stephanie Ellison, Katie Ringler, Cara Uber, Danielle Shafer, Rebecca Mathews, Patty Clough-Linder, Rita Knickerbocker, Lorie Kocur, Sieira Back, Michael Owens.
Back: Dustin Bates, Chris Uicker, Matthew Stanton, Charles D. Lund, Paige Gillie, Levi Davison, Ben Barnhart, Alexis Birch-Taylor, Krysta Maldonado.
Not pictured: Morgan Birnbaum, Trevor Blain, Kaliegh Boggs, Kyle Campbell, Charles Custer, April Devers, Melissa Dougherty, Kari Dunblazier, Ashley Gaskill, Christopher Geyer, Julie Goodman, Michael Gridley, Stephanie Gruis, Autumn Haag, Sarah Hills, Hillary Hines, Cody Huckins, David Huckins, Jessica Kaiser, Pamela Knapp, Ben Lamberg, Michelle Lemmer, Cynthia Lick, Brendon Lopez, Kathryn Lynch, Tabitha Lyon, Kevin Macconnell, Chelsea Mandrigues, Danielle Markell, Kelly Millen, Briana Miller, Nichole Miller, Jessica Millstead, Zachary Miscikoski, Carlie Money, Stephanie Moon, Justine Morneau, Denise Nethaway, Alexa Newell, Neil Norton, Ashley Owens, Derek Parker, Catherine Peterson, Micah Ringelberg, Martin Roberts, Amanda Schlorff, Curtis Searle, Anna Spickerman, Jessica Tebo, Jessica Warner, Tonia Whitehead, Ian Wilberding, Frederick Wolff, Diane Zimmerman.


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