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Mirror Mirror

GENRE: Adventure comedy
DIRECTOR: Tarsem Singh
WRITERS: Jacob Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm (original story), Melissa Wallack, Jason Keller and Melisa Wallack (screenplay)
WHO’S IN IT: Julia Roberts, Lily Collins, Armie Hammer, Nathan Lane and Mare Winningham

THE STORY: An adaptation of the Brothers Grimm story of Snow White. The evil queen steals control of a kingdom and an exiled princess enlists the help of seven resourceful rebels to win back her birthright.

IN MY OPINION: It was what I expected it to be — a light fun enjoyable movie where, for a change, the girl gets to be the hero. The cinematography was beautiful and the costumes were intricately detailed. I found the opening scene was a bit creepy. I wasn’t a fan of the plastic looking characters that told the backstory. Julia Roberts did a great job as the evil queen but I didn’t feel the darkness of a typical Grimm story. I think the Disney cartoon version was scarier. While Lily Collins and Armie Hammer won’t win awards for this movie, they were a fun pair to watch on the screen. Nathan Lane is always funny and it was great to see Mare Winningham back on the big screen. The Seven Dwarfs have been renamed and they lit up the screen.


“I liked it. It was good.” Susan Paine, Mt. Pleasant

“I thought Julia was the perfect choice for a wicked queen!.” Dawn Harless, Mt. Pleasant, former MMCC student

(On the Big Screen is a regular monthly feature of The Laker Current and is compiled by staff writers. It is designed to spotlight movies being shown in local theaters.)


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