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Talent search program takes students to National College Fair

Courtesy photo.

HARRISON — Some 28 middle and high school students, members of the Educational Talent Search (ETS) program, traveled to Grand Rapids in March to attend the National College Fair at DeVos Hall.  Following the College Fair, the students visited the Grand Rapids Art Museum.

One core role of ETS involves increasing middle and high school students’ awareness about college options.  This free trip allowed students to interact with representatives from over 100 colleges and universities from across the country.

“Too often, college visits get limited to those institutions within a short driving distance,” noted Brent Mishler, ETS Program Director.  “By attending the National College Fair, students got to hear from colleges that they probably never would have considered otherwise—it really was a great way to broaden their notions of where they might go to college.”

Engaging students in new and cultural experiences is also an important facet of ETS.  Most of the 28 participants had never visited a museum before, so the Grand Rapids Art Museum was eye-opening and fun.

The Educational Talent Search Program, a federally funded program administered locally by Mid Michigan Community College, intends to increase the number of Clare and Gladwin County students who go to college.  About 500 students, grades 6-12, can participate in the program, and a number of spots are still open.

ETS members will be supported in determining, preparing for, and getting into whatever colleges they choose.  They will also be able to visit college campuses, attend cultural happenings, take trips, and engage in the other free and fun events offered by the program.

Applications for the ETS program can be found on the ETS website or can be picked up from the counseling offices at each participating school (Clare, Gladwin, Harrison, Farwell, Beaverton, and Coleman).  For more information, visit midmich.edu/ets or contact Brent Mishler at bmishler@midmich.edu or at 386-6622 ext. 529.


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