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A hip hop night to remember


Wayside Central and Dynamic Duo Entertainment closed out the last show of the school year with a bang. Fans from all over the state of Michigan were in attendance to catch Flint resident Jon Connor and his Blue City Club team live on April 25.

The evening began with some great music provided by the talented DJ Schaf-Town, and as the live entertainment began some of mid Michigan’s most talented hip hop artists graced the stage and kept the crowd incredibly entertained.

One of those artists, former CMU student Joey Hamood, who is an MC himself, talked about the significance of opening up for an artist like Jon Connor.

“It was an honor to share the stage with an up- and-coming legend,” Hamood said. “Connor is a beast with relentless work ethic and I really think his presence at Central inspired everybody in attendance. I’ll be braggin’ about that night for quite a while.”

Connor and his entourage arrived just as the night was gearing up. The crowd immediately focused their gazes in his direction and waited anxiously for the featured headliner to take the stage.

It was a moment that I will personally never forget. The moment Connor picked up a microphone the entire crowd erupted in applause, so much so that it was impossible to understand what he was saying until the frenzy died down.

For the next 40 minutes, the crowd was under Connor’s complete control. Every move that was made was done in an almost choreographed rhythmic fashion. His guest performers were top notch and left a very respectable impression on us all.

As the night came to a close, one thing was for certain. It would be a night that none of us would ever forget. As Mt. Pleasant native Traci Houchin stated, “The music was awesome, very entertaining. The crowd was into all of the rappers that stepped foot onto the stage at Wayside. I hope that there are more of these concerts to come!”

When asked how he felt about the turnout for his last show of the semester, Cory Shafer, a.k.a. DJ Schaf-Town, said: “It was a great way to finish off the school year at CMU. Everyone involved was excited, and we are ecstatic to continue this legacy next year. Jon Connor was very pleased. He tweeted the next day his respect for the crowd and their energy and he can’t wait to get back to CMU.”

An estimated crowd of 300 people were in attendance on this night, which made it a hugely successful venture for both Wayside Central and Dynamic Duo, especially considering it was a mid-week event.

Without a doubt, this was a night that Mt. Pleasant’s local music scene will never forget, and immediately following the conclusion of the show, many were left asking themselves, how long until the next one.


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