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In May we remember…

Compiled by BENJAMIN WILLIAMS, Staff Writer

The month of May is often associated with the changing of seasons; a birth of a new year of warm sunshine filled memories. The month plays host to such annual observances as Mayday, Mother’s Day, Cinco De Mayo, and Memorial Day.

Often is the case that we can easily overlook the historical significance of the month of May. From the death of one of the greatest artists of all time, to the first American blasting off into space, May is filled with historical significance.

Here are a few key dates that fell during the month of May in our world’s history — dates that changed the direction of our future forever.

May 2, 1519 – Renowned artist Leonardo da Vinci dies.
May 2, 1803 – The Louisiana purchase treaty is signed.
May 5, 1961 – Alan Shepard was the first American sent into space.
May 8, 1945 – V-E (Victory in Europe Day) is celebrated for the first time.
May 11, 1947 – B.F. Goodrich Company develops the first tubeless tire.
May 14, 1607 – The first permanent English colony in the Americas was founded in Jamestown, Virginia.
May 14, 1796 – The first vaccination against the small pox disease is administered by English physician Dr. Edward Jenner.
May 29, 1917 – Future President John F. Kennedy is born.
May 30, 1430 – French heroine Joan of Arc was burned at the stake.

These, of course, are not all the events that have happened throughout history in the month of May, but maybe the next time you find yourself enjoying a beautiful spring day, you may, in fact, find a greater significance to your appreciation in the annals of history.


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