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Make plans now to attend A Northern Tradition next year

By Janet Sowle, Editor

Since the beginning of A Northern Tradition, a fundraiser for the Mid Michigan Community College Foundation, I have wanted to attend. Every year something has come up that has prevented me from attending. That is, until this year.

If you have never attended this wonderful event, I encourage you to do so. You will have a wonderful time. More than 800 people attended this year’s event. I ran into friends and family whom I hadn’t seen in awhile. It was great visiting with them and seeing so many people out supporting this worthwhile cause.

Courtesy photo.

A Northern Tradition is held annually at Jay’s Sporting Goods in Clare and is on a Sunday evening in April. Jay’s closes its store and dedicates their time and staff to this event. In addition, they give every guest a $25 gift certificate to spend in their store that night. They are huge supporters of the MMCC Foundation and the mid Michigan community as a whole.

You are greeted at the entrance with smiles directing you to ticket sellers and takers who give you the gift certificate to Jay’s and a certificate for a wildlife print chosen for the event.

Courtesy photo.

At every turn there is a food station from a different restaurant or organization filled with delicious treats. Food ranged from salmon with dill sauce, wonton wraps and wings, to cookies, brownies, doughnuts and more.

Massages were also available in the aisles and there was a line of people waiting to take their turn.

If you’ve never been to Jay’s, the shopping could be somewhat overwhelming. They carry equipment for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking and more — so much more. I enjoyed wandering through the store deciding on how to spend my $25 gift certificate. It wasn’t an easy decision but it sure was enjoyable.

Pat Sheridan

The evening includes a special guest and this year former Detroit Tiger Pat Sheridan signed autographs and visited with guests during the event. Guests also had the opportunity to meet acrylic artist Pauline Pierce Harmon who was there with Lone Fisherman — this year’s commemorative print.

The 2012 Commemorative print for A Northern Tradition — Lone Fisherman. Courtesy photo.

The list of sponsors for this event is long — very long. I couldn’t be more pleased to see so many businesses and organizations working together to help with such a worthwhile event. This year A Northern Tradition raised more than $120,000 for the Mid Michigan Community College Foundation. That raises the total for the 11-year event to over $1,000,000. Let me say that again — one million dollars.

Congratulations Matt Miller and the Mid Michigan Community College Foundation on a successful event. I can’t wait to attend next year and I hope to see you there.


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