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NBA Finals Preview


As the NBA Finals are under way many people are talking, arguing, and debating which team will win the coveted NBA Championship.  Will LeBron finally win his first?  Will Kevin Durant lead the Thunder to their first title?  Let’s find out.

I think it’s pretty safe to say the favorites to make the Finals are the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Now that Derrick Rose is done for the season, the Heat have to be the favorites out of the Eastern Conference.

You can make your arguments for the Boston Celtics saying they beat the Heat three out of the four times they played this year.  But I’ll say you’re wrong for one simple reason: It wasn’t the playoffs.  If the Heat play the Celtics in the playoffs, the Heat will win four games to the Celtics’ one or two games.

Now on to the West side.

I really don’t see any teams matching up with the Thunder … unless the Lakers’ Andrew Bynum can play consistently during the series, but don’t count on it.  He’s been one of the most immature players this year, whether it’s shooting unrealistic 3’s, or his mouth.  And Kobe’s just too old to carry a team on his shoulders this season.


So the Heat and Thunder are in the Finals, which begin June 12.  Look for LeBron to shed his ugly 4th quarter meltdowns (as he just poured 17 in the 4th against the Knicks).  The Thunder do have Russell Westbrook, James Harden, and Serge Ibaka to back up Durant.  But the Heat have Dwayne Wade backing up LeBron James.  Ibaka can really only block shots, but watch LeBron and Co. run circles through the Thunders’ defense.

Look for this series to go 4-1 in the Heats’ favor and the LeBron haters to be quiet until at least next season starts.


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