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Record number of graduates at commencements

Courtesy photo.

CLARE — Mid Michigan Community College held two commencement ceremonies May 5 to honor this year’s graduates. This is the second year that MMCC has held two commencements in order to accommodate its high number of graduates.

Due to steady enrollment increases over the last few years, MMCC graduated a record number of students. In total, 661 students were eligible to receive degrees, and over 230 graduates attended the ceremonies.

State Sen. Judy Emmons spoke at the first commencement for non-health career graduates, encouraging them to impact their communities positively through outreach and both personal and professional contributions.

Sarah Kiel, set to graduate with her Doctor of Medicine degree from MSU in 2013, spoke to the health career graduates during the second ceremony. Her message of optimism relayed the importance of health providers who stay positive, honest, and devoted to caring service.

“We’re confident that our students leave MMCC prepared to meaningfully contribute to our communities and workforce,” said Matt Miller, MMCC’s VP of Student and Community Relations. “We’re very proud of these graduates and their accomplishments.”

The Laker Current asked several people, “What is one piece of advice that you would give college graduates?” Their answers are below.

“Do something you love. Pick something you love and you will do it well.”
— Rick Snyder, Lansing; Michigan’s Governor

“Be patient. You may not get the first job, but be patient. There’s a better job out there.”
— Arlene Yost, Clare; Jay’s Sporting Goods Owner

“It’s not about the classes, the grades or the degree; success hinges on what you learned and what you do with it. Say yes to opportunity when your peers say no. See opportunity where others see adversity. Never stop learning.”
— Jeremy Bond, Mt. Pleasant; MMCC Adjunct Faculty

“Be true to what you know and don’t look for easy street; slow and steady wins the race.”
— Carol Coe-McNerney, Coleman

“Don’t default on your student loans. You can’t fight the fed.”
— Wendi Baker Brownson, Alma

“Breathe in every second of it and know that you are in this moment for a reason. Welcome opportunity with open arms. Embrace your future!”
— Cassie VanHorn; MMCC Alumni

“When you get your first job, don’t act like a know-it-all; you still have a lot to learn.”
— Quenna Olson, Longview, TX; Graphic Artist


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