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New Fuel Rewards Network program allows consumers to pay less for gasoline

MT. PLEASANT — The new Fuel Rewards® Network (FRN) program is now at participating Shell Foodmarts in the central Michigan area. The rewards program is offered by Shell Oil Company and Excentus and made its debut in the local market on July 23.

The Excentus program allows the fueling consumer to stack and redeem cents-off rewards on all grades of Shell gasoline and Shell diesel, up to 20 gallons per purchase, per vehicle. The FRN program made its debut in markets like Miami and San Francisco earlier this year. While the different ways to save vary by each market, some consumers who have just begun using the program have paid as little as 1 cent per gallon at participating Shell stations by redeeming Fuel Rewards® savings they have earned, according to their website www.fuelrewards.com.

Consumers can earn rewards through everyday purchases—clothing, household goods, dining out, car washes, coffee—which can then be redeemed for fuel discounts at participating Shell stations.  The loyalty program is free to join.  Rewards can be earned at local restaurants, and from the on-line mall including over 700 merchants such as Home Depot, Target, K-Mart, Gap and JCPenney.com. Merchants in the travel industry like Marriott and Travelocity are also available. Some on-line stores may offer 2x, 5x, and 10x rewards or more. Stores such as Home Depot and K-Mart offer in-store pickup.

Specially marked convenience store products inside Shell stations will also offer the customer rewards for fuel savings. Dining Rewards are available at participating restaurants.  A list of participating restaurants is available on the Fuel Rewards website http://www.fuelrewards.com.

After earning rewards via their FRN account, the gasoline pumps when activated by the FRN card will roll-back the price. “The new Fuel Rewards® program will save our customers money at the pump, just by buying things that they use everyday, and gives them the excellent quality of Shell gasolines,” said Ross Blodgett, of locally owned Blodgett Foodmarts in Mt. Pleasant.

There is not a limit on the number of Fuel Rewards® a customer can earn. However, the reward savings earned in the current month will expire at various points depending on where they were earned (i.e. savings earned through the Shell Fuel Rewards® Program expire at the end of the following month if not used, however on-line mall points expire at the end of the second month). A transaction will use the full balance available unless the balance exceeds the price of a gallon of fuel. If that is the case, some pumps, depending on the brand of the dispenser, may not roll back to less than one cent per gallon, and another may not roll back to less than 10 cents per gallon.

Consumers can receive their FRN card free at any participating Shell location, or they may join on-line at www.fuelrewards.com. A computer is necessary to enroll in the program. Blodgett plans to have a computer available at its corporate office, and also have computers rotating among their participating retail sites for customers to enroll in the new program.

The Fuel Rewards® Network program is independent of the Kroger Grocer Rewards program that Shell also participates in. The two programs may not be combined.


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