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Question of the month: October 2012

(Editor’s note: Every month, The Laker Current poses a question to MMCC students, and sometimes faculty and staff. We want to know what you’re thinking.)

This month’s question is: What is the one class you’ve taken at MMCC that you would consider your all-time favorite and why?

“Intro Psychology with Joe Phillips. I enjoy the subject first and foremost, but Joe taught in a way that was different than most of my other professors. He always kept things interesting and found ways to relate the subject to everyone in the class.”
— Mandy Bowick, Gladwin (psychology)

“My favorite class is speech. Public speaking has always been hard for me. After taking speech, I feel I can speak in front of anyone.”
— Benjamin Curtiss, Mt. Pleasant (environmental science)

“My favorite class would have to be SOC 101! Chuck Bowden is an amazing teacher and made class fun. The combination of the two made class easy to engage in. Overall a great class and interesting too!”
— Brandon Lagalo, Gladwin (physical therapy)

“I enjoyed journalism class. …It wasn’t like many classes. I got to learn/meet different people. In that class we had the option to go out and learn about events and people.”
— Kayla Starkey, Bay City (pharmacy)

“The best class I’ve taken at MMCC was SOC 220, Sexuality and Society, with Chuck Bowden. Chuck is an amazing teacher and presents the material in a way that everyone can understand. I prefer laid back, discussion classes, and this class was fun and interesting.”
— Linnae Jordan, Edmore (liberal arts)

“Art 100, because I believe that I had no artistic ability. I was very proud of the outcome  of the art. Teacher was very helpful and encouraging.”
— Ardalene Cousin, Mt. Pleasant (undecided)

“Spanish. I absolutely love my teacher Lucy (Andarcia). She makes the class fun and easy to understand. There’s never a dull moment in her class.”
— Sydney Demo, Clare (pre-pharmacy)

“My all-time favorite class was BIO 100 at my first semester at Mid. Kevin Allen was my teacher and he made the learning environment exciting and fun. I never wanted to miss because I always had a blast.”
— Miranda Smith, Clare (nursing)

“ Speech with Beth Kinderman, because she used a little bit of every teaching style, got us into groups that we had to stick with for weeks. She really helped me get up in front of the class. The people that were in my group all became good friends outside of school.”
— Beverly Richard, Newberry (pre-med)

“Astronomy 101 with Jon Miller. Jon made the class interesting, fun and — for the most part — easy to understand. Astronomy is also something I am interested in on a more personal basis. … Due to Jon’s ability to laugh at himself and laugh with us about our own mistakes, as well as take time to stand around and chat or give us a helping hand on our work, the class turned out to be the best class I have taken!”
— Devon McClain, Blanchard (psychology)

(If you’d like to share your views on your all-time favorite class at Mid, please leave a comment below this article or send your comments to editor@midmich.edu.)


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