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There is value in class, fall fashion


When walking Michigan’s trails this season, get inspired by the colors that surround you. Chances are, they’ll be on the list of this year’s fall fashion favorites.

Earthy colors are “in” this season. They may seem bland, but the smallest of accessories can really make these colors work. The confident and classy look is shining this fall, so don’t be afraid to pull out a pencil skirt that is waist high to your mid knee and complement it with a semi-loose animal or tribal print blouse. A printed scarf with either a fedora or gambler’s hat will complete your classy look. Top it with a faux sheepskin coat and bag when heading out to keep you warm and styling.

Looking for comfortable fashion wear? You can still be considered in this fall with knits. Sweaters, sweater dresses, sweater skirts, and leggings with animal or tribal print are a fabulous look for this season. Try an animal-printed “Kangaroo Pocket Hoodie Dress” and some bold tights with a low-cut high-heel boot.

If you are anything like me, you may be afraid of overdoing it with the printed attire. Switch it up — a solid top and printed bottom, or printed top with a solid bottom is just enough. Don’t worry about accessories either. None is great, and less is more.

As for those nails — again, earthy colors are in. Try dark green, brown or black; gold is very chic.

Now what to do with your hair? Short is definitely the “it” thing this season and a ruby red color, for the brave ones, looks amazing. If you cannot let go of your long locks just yet, do not fret. A long ponytail with a bit of hair hiding the hair tie from sight is perfect. To add some oomph to your pony, split the tail and tease the top half slightly. Bangs are in and very versatile, but they depend more on your specific head shape. If you have a longer forehead, try a sideswipe like Reese Witherspoon. Maybe you have a smaller forehead … a blunt bang may not be for you, however, try a fringed look like Olivia Wilde. A round-up bang can look good on anyone if the right stylist cuts it.

If you’re trying not to spend this fall, save money on clothing by shopping at your local T.J. Maxx or Marshalls, who sell name brands at up to 40 percent off. Target has some great deals on fall fashion as well!

Do not forget to stay classy this fall and have fun with the bold, stand-out looks of the season. After all, it’s “in” and it’s wild!


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