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Question of the Month: November 2012

(Editor’s note: Every month, The Laker Current poses a question to MMCC students, and sometimes faculty and staff. We want to know what you’re thinking.)

What food do you  most look forward to eating on Thanksgiving Day and why?  Perhaps it’s the turkey, stuffing or a dessert. Or maybe your family has a tradition of serving something special, but non-traditional.

“I look forward to eating my mother’s green bean casserole. Thanksgiving is the only time she makes it throughout the year, so it is definitely a crowd pleaser.”
— Jenna Marshall, Beal City, liberal arts

“I most look forward to watching the Cowboys game and eating my Grandma’s sweet potato casserole.”
— Carl Harper, Key West, FLA, liberal arts

“I’m kind of a pie guy. Lions game, a piece of pie … it’s a beautiful thing.”
— Aaron Brown, Flint, nursing

“Generally, I come out of the woodwork for dessert, but I enjoy seeing and devouring more non-traditional foods … . Foods from around the world might be a decent direction to take to be appreciative of what other countries might eat. Don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten the story of Thanksgiving.”
— Joe O., Harrison, entrepreneurship transfer

“The Korean traditional Thanksgiving dinner  includes: pork patties — it has a variety of chopped vegetables; bulgogi — marinated sliced beef with soy sauce; and dessert is rice cake — it has stuff such as sweet beans and chestnuts with honey inside the cake.”
— Nana Morehouse, Harrison, biology

“The thing I look forward to the most is Oreo shakes. We get the shakes served at the end of the meal. I love Oreos!”
— Melanie Mae Gainforth, Shepherd, liberal arts

“Turkey. Not only is it just purely awesome, but it also makes me drowsy and there is nothing better than a nap after Thanksgiving dinner!”
— Matthew Goldman, Mt. Pleasant, liberal arts

“This is a difficult question to answer because Thanksgiving is a shared responsibility among family — kind of like a potluck dinner. Each family member has a specialty dish they make in a unique way … that makes it delicious. But if I have to pick one, it would be my wife’s homemade stuffing. It is not greasy like some stuffing I’ve had and it is not dry like others. It is just right, with moistness and flavor not overpowering or weak with spices.”
— Kenneth Palo, Rodney, physical therapy

(If you’d like to tell us about your favorite Thanksgiving food or tradition, leave us a comment at Facebook.com/TheLakerCurrent or comment below.)


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