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Dark Storm (Carpathian series)

Dark Storm

Dark Storm

Name of Author: Christine Feehan

The plot: Dax, a warrior buried alive inside a volcano for hundreds of years, has awakened to discover his mission has been threatened. The hunt to destroy the vampire Mitro ended in disaster. Arabejila, Mitro’s life mate, was left with the heart-wrenching choice to seal both Carpathian and Vampire together forever. Dax awakes fearing while he has slept inside the earth, he has become like the monster he has hunted for centuries. Carpathian males have a demon inside them able to turn them into a vampire. Knowing he will never allow himself to awaken fully as a vampire, Dax has accepted the fact that his life will end as soon as he destroys Mitro. Dax knows he will be forced to walk into the sunlight, forever ending his life in order to protect others from himself. Riley Parker, Arabejila’s descendent, must return to the volcano in order to strengthen the spell that holds Mitro and Dax prisoner. Arabejila’s spell fails and Mitro escapes Dax and the volcano. When Dax sees Riley, he knows she is the one woman who can keep him from becoming the monster he fears. Together they must hunt Mitro to the ends of the earth, or risk the lives of hundreds of humans.

In my opinion: This book is filled with many twists and heart-stopping turns. Christine Feehan brings her world of vampires and Carpathians alive with a nail-biting plot. Each Carpathian novel brings something new and exciting to the world of the Carpathians, and Dark Storm stood up to my expectations of what a Carpathian novel should be about. The idea that everyone has a perfect soul mate is enough to keep bringing readers and myself back for more. This is a novel that is perfect for anyone who is a hopeless romantic or just enjoys reading a heart-pounding story of love loss and the hope that there is a perfect match waiting somewhere for you to find.

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