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Question of the Month: January 2013

(Editor’s Note: Every month The Laker Current poses a question to MMCC students, and sometimes faculty and staff. With the start of a new year, we wanted to know what was on your wish list. We found out that for many of you, it was advancing your education.)

Question of the Month: With the arrival of the New Year and the anticipation of a fresh start, what is your primary wish/goal for 2013?

MoreyCourts“I would like to complete all my classes with good grades and enjoy college.”
— Tyler Flemming, Marion (studying business)

“For the year 2013, I would like to be able to finish my prerequisites to move on to the next step to get into the nursing program.”
— Autumn McDunnah, Gladwin (nursing)

“My primary goal is to graduate from nursing school in May! Also pass my boards, get a job and finish wedding planning and get married next October.”
— Jennifer Jones, Evart (nursing)

“My goal for 2013 is to get the best grades possible and to get into the RN program.”
— Samantha Malenfant, Gladwin (nursing)

“I wish to be able to transfer over to Baker College in the fall to learn therapeutic massage.”
— Joanna Brazier, Harrison

“Self-supporting, strong (work out), learn how to play the mandolin, be a better person.”
— Matthew A. Dixon, Clare (studying alternative energy and psychology)

“ I would like to finish all my prerequisite classes so I can apply for the MRI program.”
— Stephen Estes, Gladwin (MRI)

“My goal is to make it into the PTA program.”
— Macie Smith, Pewamo (studying physical therapy)

“To graduate with my nursing degree, pass my boards and find a job.”
— Kara Nemeth, McBain (nursing)

Our goal for 2013 as The Laker Current staff is to inspire more students to join us in our efforts to keep students informed and to provide a framework for students to let their voices be heard. Have a great 2013 and may all your goals be realized!


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