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MMCC instructor has gallery show at Art Reach

Carlos Cruz

Carlos Cruz

MT. PLEASANT — Carlos Cruz, Mid Michigan Community College (MMCC) CIS and ART instructor, will be the first gallery exhibition at Art Reach for the year 2013. “Urban Spaces 2006-2013”will be on display at Art Reach Jan. 7-31.

Cruz began drawing before he could write his name, copying Tom and Jerry cartoons from the TV. His grandparents bought him art supplies and at the age of 10, his aunt bought him his first oil painting kit and plenty of canvas.

In this series of oil paintings he strives to diminish the banality of everyday life and take common, overlooked places and people, capturing a snapshot made into a form of high art. By addressing the subject matter and disregarding the details, specifically the activity in a gutter, over a bridge, an ambulance dashing across the scene, the importance of it all, the danger of the moment, the pace and tranquility of the unknown. He wishes to portray the mysterious, perplexing and real.

There will be a reception open to the public from 5-6:30 p.m. on Jan. 10. Art Reach is located at 111 E. Broadway in downtown Mt. Pleasant.


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