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Winter fashion includes surprise return of ‘ugly sweater’


Remember looking at pictures of people at Christmas and holiday parties in the ‘80s and ‘90s and pondering “what were they thinking when they put that on?”

Well, fashion has a tendency to repeat every 10 to 20 years. That is why this winter, when you are invited to an Ugly Sweater party, you will actually be completely in style and can wear that silly sweater more than just once.

OmBodiesDharmaMojoLike the trends in the fall season, this winter is all about comfort, classiness, and bold prints. A potent statement of printed sweater and pea coat enforced by warm leggings and a thigh-high, heeled, boot could win you best-dressed honors this winter! Being afraid of going too bold is easily fixable with an ankle boot, black skinny jean leggings, and a simple solid color blouse.

This season we are seeing a lot of blacks, blues, greens, and my personal favorite, red. You cannot go wrong with a solid and loud red. Think Taylor Swift-style; you do not have to like her or respect her; however, she is the fashion guru of this season.

For makeup, try using a red lipstick and natural colors on your eyes. Use eyeliner sparingly if at all and mascara is always a must. Elegant high pony tails or free-flowing hair has been the style this season.

As for men, you should try to dress in semi-formal wear. It is the season of heavy shopping, family parties, work parties, and tax refunds, so dress business casual at the very least. A collared shirt and a matching tie with dress pants will be your entry into winter fashion this year. Why not tie it together with a black scarf and a nice faux leather jacket.

The colors for men are a little lighter than for women this season. You do not have to stick with the dark colors at all. The light blue collared shirt you wore all summer is totally in, just do not forget to impress your crush or significant other with an awesome new tie. The formal wear statement is a fashion stitch and it will never go out of style. Kohl’s has amazing selection of decently priced formal wear.

Live your life, especially when it comes to your attire, by weighing cost and worth. Say this out loud: “I can spend $10 at Wal-Mart or DEB on an item that will fall apart next week or I can spend $15 at Kohl’s and it will last drastically longer.” This means that instead of spending $10 every three months to replace the item you bought, you can spend $15 and it will at least last a year, if you wear it on a highly regular basis. This means in a year you just saved $25 and you can put that money toward longer-lasting items, a trip to Cancun this spring break, or maybe just pay your heating bill.

It is going to be a cold winter, so bundle up in some warm fun winter fashion wear.


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