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Bodyguard (Shifters Unbound Series)

Author: Jennifer Ashleybodygaurd

The plot: Elizabeth Chapman is robbed at gunpoint in her store late one night, and fears she’ll die. But that’s before a giant bear knocks the intruder across the room and opens a new chapter of Elizabeth’s life. Ronan, a Bear Shifter of the Austin Shiftertown (city of shape shifters), knows he needs to protect Elizabeth from retaliation from the robber’s dangerous family. Ronan has a “family” of his own–orphaned cubs and clanless bears that all seemed to find themselves under Ronan’s care. He needs to protect the fiery Elizabeth and keep his family safe, but he finds his mate hunger for Elizabeth growing. How to claim her, a human, and a not very tall one at that, and also protect her, but show her how gentle a bear can be?

In my opinion: Bodyguard starts off with a heart-pounding armed robbery gone wrong, when Ronan steps in to protect an innocent shop owner from a band of thugs. I loved how Ronan’s character begins to change at that point. He has always been the laid-back type until he is put in the spotlight with the armed robbery. Ronan begins his journey in the series as a quiet yet witty character that spends his time being bouncer at a local shifter bar. Ronan, a bear shifter, is an oddity for the fact that he raises orphaned cubs when bears are known to be solitary creatures. His character’s transformation kept bringing me back for more, as Ronan begins to show his more dominant side, protecting Elizabeth from thugs that threaten to put her out of business. He proves that even if someone is perceived to be one thing, having something to care about and protect can change everything. I love everything about this series and would recommend it for anyone with a love of romance and a heart-pounding adventure.

A second opinion: Community member Laurie Dodge has also recently finished reading Bodyguard. “I loved this book and the series. I would recommend it for anyone.”

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