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Spotlight on Local Artists: Terry Blodgett



Art has been a main focus for most of Terry Blodgett’s life. Doing pieces mostly for herself, the Mt. Pleasant resident now has found a new medium to work with — decoupage — and she’s going public. The items she is producing couldn’t be any cooler and personal to the buyer.

Originally Blodgett started painting boots and shoes for relatives and other locals. She still does this, but is having too much fun with decoupage now.

“I learned it from my mother. She used to take small wooden-topped purses and decoupage the tops of them. By the time she was done, it would look like it was painted on with landscapes and flowers,” recalls Blodgett.

Mostly specializing in bracelets and shoes, it’s a made-to-order sort of thing. For example, I gave her an old leather strap bracelet that was about 2.5 inches wide. I told her my likes and dislikes and even offered a picture of my mother to go in the center. The result was amazing; she captured my personality perfectly.

Decoupage Boot by Terry Blodgett

Decoupage Boot by Terry Blodgett

A bracelet decoupage by Terry Blodgett

A bracelet decoupage by Terry Blodgett

Blodgett can supply the bracelet and decoupage for $30 or supply your own for $20. Prices vary for decoupage boots and shoes. Same with the painting. I took her an old pair of boots that I was sick of wearing. She totally revamped them into a special piece for my wardrobe. Blodgett also painted a pair of shoes for a wedding I was in last summer, adding rhinestones and even the date of the wedding.

Now retired, Blodgett has more time to focus on being artistic. “It’s just in my head. Like a chef would visualize something with food, I visualize with paint, jewelry and leather.”

Blodgett noted that she is just beginning to offer the painted and decoupage items to the public. However, if you stop by Art Reach in downtown Mt. Pleasant after March, she will have items such as hand-painted leather purses for sale there. She also has been a participant of “The Chair Affair” for the past two years, which goes on in the summer months in downtown Mt. Pleasant. Blodgett plans to participate again in 2013.

If you would like to inquire about a piece, Blodgett can be reached at theblodgetts@charter.net.


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