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Career change results in cupcake specialty shop

Staff Writer

After working as an accountant for 15 years, Kristy Cable decided to start a new career. So last summer, Crème de la Crème, a cupcake specialty shop, was opened in downtown Mt. Pleasant.

Cable said coming up with the location was “like moving down the street.” She grew up with her family in Shepherd, just 15 minutes outside of Mt. Pleasant.

“This shop wasn’t anything that was planned, it just felt right,” she said. “There isn’t another place like us,” she added, noting that everything that gets put out is handmade and baked in three ovens. She said they had to learn how to do everything on their own because they couldn’t be compared to any other business in town.

Crème de la Crème

Crème de la Crème

Since opening her business July 31, she has been getting a lot of publicity for her cupcakes. Recently, Crème de la Crème was featured in Great Lakes magazine where the shop received great reviews for its lemon drop cupcakes.

Cable originally started the shop with 10 cupcake flavors and now offers 16. “Trial and error is our method, and if we love it then it becomes a part of the menu,” she said.

What also attracts people to her business is the variety. You have the choice of building your own cupcake from the cake to the icing. A lot of people even special order gluten-free products. A big seller at the shop has been the cupcakes in jars. These cupcakes have been sent off to different stores locally. The jars are convenient because they’re easy to carry and don’t make a mess.

As for her best sellers? Cable lists cookie dough, chocolate mint and cherry cheesecake. She said special seasonal cupcakes also are a big customer draw. On Valentine’s Day, for example, strawberry milkshake was the specialty. “We always try to do seasonal cupcakes. It draws our customers in.”

Although Cable didn’t plan on opening up a business, she’s quick to offer advice to people looking for a change: “Create your own path and see where it leads you.”

At a glance
Crème de la Crème
201 E. Broadway, Mt. Pleasant
(989) 444-2928
Hours: 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Mon.-Sat.
Website: http://www.cremedelacremecupcakes.com
Cost: Cupcakes range from $2.75 for standard to $1.25 for minis
Flavors: Selection changes daily. Special orders welcome.


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