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Running with Scissors

Name of Author: Augusten Burroughs

The Plot:  With his parents divorced and his mother’s sanity slowly slipping away. Burroughs is sent to live with his mother’s  psychiatrist, Dr. Finch. Living in a run down Victorian home in Massachusetts, Burroughs describes his childhood inside the home. The story includes crazy antics of the Finch family, and several of the doctor’s patients, some of which also live in the home.  Struggling with his sexuality Burroughs then befriends another one of Finch’s “adopted” sons, Neil Bookman. Skipping school, and dealing with his mother’s decaying mind, Burroughs encounters situations that no child should ever have to face.

In my opinion: Amazing book. It has now been adapted to film (just read the book). It is considered a memoir; Burroughs blends real life situations that are horrifying with humor and an open mind. I suggest reading this one first and then moving onto his other memoirsto get a better understanding of how his childhood affected the rest of his life. The book is not for the light- hearted and discusses several issues in great detail that some readers may find offensive. I did not not, but most things that come out of my mouth are offensive.

(Good Reads is a regular monthly feature of The Laker Current, this month done by editor, Elizabeth Schafer. If you have any suggestions about a book email: editor@midmich.edu)


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