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Apply now to earn your degree from MMCC

Staff Writer

Are you eligible for graduation? There are a few steps that need to be taken before you will be awarded your degree. Before the end of your anticipated last semester, you are required to apply for graduation from MMCC. There is no fee for a diploma, however there will typically be a fee for participating in the commencement ceremony, which will be held this May.

It is advised to have your graduation applications completed by March 22. The application is available online in the MidWeb section of Moodle. In order to be eligible for graduation at MMCC, it is required to have courses and credit hours completed, specified by your declared program of study. A 2.0 GPA must be maintained, unless otherwise specified by your program of study.

Completion of the application creates an audit, or review of your transcripts to determine if any requirements for graduation still remain. After six to eight weeks of examination of your transcripts, if all requirements are fulfilled, a diploma will be mailed to you; no diplomas are given out during commencement ceremony. It is crucial to have all applications in by March 22 to be eligible to attend commencements.

Commencement ceremonies are held for those students who have completed Associate’s Degrees or Certificates of Achievement. MMCC will hold two ceremonies May 4 at the Clare High School Auditorium.

Students are eligible to participate in commencement if they have graduated in the previous Fall Semester or have applied to graduate in the Winter, or following Spring Semester.

Additional information and an application form are available on the MMCC website and MidWeb on Moodle.


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