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Negril, Jamaica takes Spring Break to a whole new level

Sherri Green and Editor, Elizabeth Schafer in Negril at Rick's Cafe in March 2013

Sherri Green and Editor, Elizabeth Schafer in Negril at Rick’s Cafe in March 2013



I made the journey to Negril with a friend, Sherri,  and it became one of the best trips this girl has ever taken.  Staying at the Negril Treehouse Resort, located right on the beach, we couldn’t have asked for more.

Negril is located on Jamaica’s West End shoreline offering the most legit Spring Break experience, of course, in my opinion. This is the second year in a row that I traveled there. It has all there is to offer for spring-breakers, or vacationers — sun, gorgeous sandy beaches, booze, bikinis, and the most delightful food one can imagine.

From the airport in Montego Bay, the ride to Negril is about an hour. We had a cab waiting for us at the airport, and our driver, Ziggy, even stopped along the route to grab Red Stripe, Appleton’s Rum, and other favorites needed upon landing.

The Negril Treehouse Resort is beautiful and offers an amazing breakfast each morning included in your stay. This being the second time for us staying there, some of the hotel staff even remembered me from last year (of course they did).

Mostly sun bathing all day,  we watched beach-goers and listened to local reggae artists who roamed the beach.  Also there are many other locals who walk up and down the beach all day selling anything from street drugs to lobster. There are multiple places to visit within the West End and the hotels up and down the beach offer a variety of watersports to enjoy.

Minus the whole almost drowning in the ocean part (whole different story), Negril was the place to be for Spring Break 2013 and more than likely 2014 for me as well.


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