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Professor shares global experiences to enlighten students

Staff Writer

Randall Doyle doesn’t mind talking about himself in the classroom.  In fact Doyle, a professor of government and history at MMCC, thinks it’s important to educate students by openly sharing his experiences traveling around the globe.

After all, Doyle has been employed in many high profile jobs, working with the U.S. Congress and Senate, the State Department alongside Hillary Clinton, and even hosting a talk show.  He’s taught at eight different colleges and clearly has a lot to share.

Randell Doyle

Randell Doyle

“I’m fearful that people see education as a burden, that’s why I share my stories,” Doyle explained. “It gives me credibility as a teacher and the students seem to really enjoy them.”

His firecracker personality shows through in all of his lectures, enlightening students and making the classroom a more gratifying place. Following are some of Doyle’s insights about himself, life and education.

Q: What do you think is your biggest achievement in life so far?
“Besides my son, I would have to say my experiences that I have endured. My different jobs and traveling have shaped the way that I teach my students.”

Q: What do you enjoy most about teaching?
“I enjoy educating and sharing my experiences but it is a hard profession. Teaching is a true ability. The students must learn from the instructor just as well as the instructor learns from the students. If the liveliness in the classroom is missing, there’s a lack of actually learning between the two and I assume a very long class period as well! “

Q: How was your experience overseas in China?
“I fell in love with Asia; it’s one of the most dynamic regions of the world. The entire country is consistently changing, with the largest economy in the world. If I got the opportunity I would go back and visit.  Their energy from growth and business is what I liked most about being over in China. You can feel it all around you.”

Q: Were there any differences between American and Asian students?
“Asian students are really into education because it’s their ticket to life. Almost all of the students go to college for business, math or science, where in the U.S. students have more options to explore different fields such as art and teaching.”

Q: Should we as Americans be stricter as to what students study in college?
“Not necessarily.  It’s important for our young people to explore and branch out to what they truly want to pursue in life. America is like a big fantasy camp. We always push the idea that you can be whatever you want to be because here in the U.S. it’s possible.”

Q: Do you think that there’s a lot of pressure on students?
“Yes I do believe so, especially since our work force has declined dramatically; it’s taking more time than usual to bounce back, but it’s important to motivate them to push forward, to have the success that they strive for.”

Q: What holds back students from continuing education?
“Resources. Money is the root of education. That’s why a lot of communities rally to get more money into the school systems.”

Q: What’s something important for all students to know?
“I want all of my students to see education in a positive way. Young adults are looking at the economy now and thinking that a degree isn’t worth the hassle because of the collapse, but we as Americans always come back stronger. Education will help you in the future.”

Q: Are things getting better today within our society?
“Every generation has its challenges, in terms of education, getting jobs, also making an exceptional life for themselves, and I feel as a teacher it’s my job to make sure that they know those facts.”


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