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Eric “Brody” Braeutigam


After having had several people, including a previous Prof who Rocks, steer me in the direction of adjunct faculty member, Eric Braeutigam, I finally made it around to catching up with him for an interview. His friends call him Brody, that’s why his present band is called Brody and the Busch Rd. Trio.

Growing up in Frankenmuth, Braeutigam is just completing his first semester teaching at MMCC in the English Department, classes 110 and 222. He previously has taught at Central Michigan University.

Brody and the Busch Rd. Trio can be described as many genres of music. I would go with rock, but the band says to decide for yourself. Brody himself plays rhythm guitar and sings lead vocals. The Busch Rd. Trio is made up of Derek Burk on the lead guitar, Josh Rodammer on bass, and Cody Little on the drums. Little’s brother, Chris, originally taught Braeutigam “Brody” how to play. Since then Brody has really molded himself into a real talent.

Left to Right: Derek Burk (lead guitar, backing vocals), Me (rythm guitar, lead vocals, harmonica), Josh Rodammer (bass guitar, backing vocals), Cody Little (Drums).

Left to Right:
Derek Burk (lead guitar, backing vocals), Eric “Brody” Braeutigam(rythm guitar, lead vocals, harmonica), Josh Rodammer (bass guitar, backing vocals), Cody Little (Drums).

A fresh, new, young, face on the MMCC faculty, Brody knew he wanted to be in a band when he went to Bonaroo for the first time in 2009. “That experience really cemented in me the need to be part of a band,” he explained.

Coming off as a rather reserved, shy man, Brody’s intense passion about his music carries over to the majority of his life. “I’ve been obsessed with music since I was a little kid, before I knew how to play an instrument,” he said. “My favorite toy when I was really young was probably my Big Bird record player. It was so awesome!”

Now he said his favorite possession is a 1962 Motorola turntable/stereo. “Some things never change,” he admitted.

Being passionate about music coincides with his passion for teaching. Commuting from the Frankenmuth area to Mt. Pleasant for his classes gives Brody a lot of time to think. He is really articulate and it would be interesting to see his teaching style.

I often think of some of the great instructors and professors I have had and their different teaching styles. It was only after I started to write this series that I have a found a significant correlation between those who are musicians as well. They seem to have a certain flow in their teaching style — like every lecture is a gig or performance.

I can see this in Brody. Music is a form of therapy for him like it is for so many of us.
Whether a musician or a listener, music can affect people profoundly. “I’m not the kind of person that opens up very much and I rarely discuss my problems with other people,” Brody explained. “Instead I write songs about how I feel and what I’m dealing with at the moment.”

You can find Brody and the Busch Rd. Trio at multiple venues this summer.

May 4 @ The Loft, Lansing
May 18 @ White’s Bar, Saginaw
June 20 @ Bemo’s, Bay City
June 29 @ White’s Bar. Saginaw
July 25 @ Bemo’s, Bay City
July 27 @ White’s Bar, Saginaw


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