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Upcoming smoking ban a breath of fresh air

By Amanda Binieck

The smoking lamp will soon be out in all designated areas. Mid Michigan Community College will be joining the ranks of countless other colleges that have decided to ban the use of tobacco on campus.

This may come as a shock to many, however if the smokers would have taken a minute to let the smoke clear on Pickard campus, they might have observed that they were violating regulations by smoking too close to the entrance. It is understandable that many nonsmokers disliked walking through the haze of nicotine daily.

I am sure that no one is pointing the finger at who is to blame for the changes. Studies do suggest that cessation of smoking on campus will cause cessation in students and staff. In fact, the official reasoning behind the changes is to promote health and wellbeing for all staff and students.

Although, I have witnessed first hand on many occasions the security guard asking students to move further away from the building, begrudgingly they would move a foot or two, and when the next wave of smokers came through, they would be right back where they started. Personally, I would conclude this as the smoking gun.

This ban will be an aggravation for many smokers; however, the nonsmokers will be happy to take a breath of fresh air. I foresee the ban causing some students to be late for class. It might be difficult for the avid smokers to make it to cars parked in the back of lots, smoke, and make it back between classes. Due to smoking, unfortunately, I suspect some of them will be unable to run very far.


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