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MMCC’s Spring 2013 Honors List

Congratulations to MMCC’s Spring 2013 High Honors and Honors students. To achieve Honors, a student must have completed at least 12 credit hours and achieved a GPA of 3.5 through 3.89. High Honors is 3.9 through 4.0.


High Honors

Alma: Tyson Liphard; Farwell: Douglas White, Matthew Brock, Joshua Morehouse; Mt. Pleasant: Jennifer Freytag, Danielle Muzzin; Saint Louis: Jessica Church; Sanford: Kelsea Leonard; Shepherd: Wade Davis



Alma: Alexander Martin; Beaverton: Wendy Haggard; Farwell: Rebecca Brewer; Gladwin: Thomas Schwartz; Harrison: Mark Tiltman; Lake: Patricia Henry; Lake Isabella: Angela Moyer; Mt. Pleasant: Linda Aldrich, Mustafa Alkhuwaildi, Zainab Al-Qarish, Kawthar Khamis, Michael Kruger; Sears: Charity Quick; Weidman: James Lynch


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