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Welcome, students, to Fall Semester 2013 at MMCC!

Carol Churchill

Carol Churchill


MMCC President


Welcome, students, to Fall Semester 2013 at MMCC!


In Michigan, summer is sometimes known as the “orange barrel” season because of all the road construction that can make our travels challenging. This year, we certainly had “orange barrel” season at MMCC as well.

Because of the Clare Avenue construction, we spent the summer entering the Harrison campus through our entrance on Mannsiding Road. The detour gave many people another way to view the campus, as they wound through the beautiful woods and realized that we also provide a wonderful network of walking and biking trails on our 560-acre campus. The inconvenience was well worth the wait. Our new Clare Avenue entrance provides a safer, more efficient front door to the college, welcoming you anew to the satisfying academic year ahead.

You must have also noticed all the activity on Mid’s Summerton Road campus. The new Center for Liberal Arts and Business, scheduled for completion in July 2014, will bring you both convenience and spaces designed to support your learning needs. Watch closely – you will soon also see a Technical Education Center rising on that campus. The center will support the development of a skilled workforce that local employers are demanding as Michigan’s industries continue to rebound. With the completion of these buildings, we will be able to provide a full array of educational programs and services to students in our southern region, programs well suited to each and every one of your varying aspirations.  (For videos that explain all of our current building projects, see the MMCC website at http://www.midmich.edu/?gid=2&sid=233&pid=3154.)

We are building, with steel, brick, and mortar. We are also building for you in ways that may not be as visible but that are equally important.

Similar to the architects and engineers who have designed roads and buildings around your needs, our faculty has been diligently designing programs of study that will support your career objectives or your transfer options more effectively than ever before.

Our faculty has been hard at work restructuring the degrees offered at MMCC. They realize that you want clear pathways to your academic goals.  In addition, we know that college students, too, are “under construction.” We know that you will discover so much about your capabilities, interests and passions at Mid Michigan College.  We know that interacting with our accomplished faculty and caring staff may point you in exciting new directions. Our revised degrees provide more flexibility to explore while you are determining which field is right for you.

Our faculty wants to ensure that MMCC’s credentials provide you with the right foundation upon which to build your future. They have designed our degrees to demonstrate your ability to think critically, to solve problems, to write and communicate effectively, to conduct research, to appreciate multiple perspectives and to exercise computational skills.  An MMCC degree vouches for your information literacy, your scientific literacy and your computer literacy. In short, employers look for this kind of credential when seeking a talented employee.

If you plan to transfer to another college or university, your MMCC degree sends a strong signal to the receiving institution. Your degree proclaims that you have the right scaffolding for continued academic success. Our Student Services staff has put together many transfer guides that can assist you in transferring from MMCC to anywhere you may wish, without any surprising bumps in the road. This summer, MMCC Transfer Counselor Linda Jensen has put special effort into developing agreements and transfer guides for students wishing to pursue careers in nursing. Her work ensures that you can achieve an Associate Degree in Nursing that melds seamlessly into a Bachelor Degree in Nursing program at a number of prestigious universities, including Grand Valley State, Saginaw Valley State, Ferris State, Eastern Michigan, Michigan State, and U of M/Flint. You will find an added bonus to these transfer agreements: like our building plans, these agreements are developed to provide not only high quality but also cost savings.

If you have not met with one of MMCC’s thorough and knowledgeable advisors to develop an educational plan, I urge you to do so today. This plan is your personal roadmap for your journey at MMCC and beyond. By following your customized plan, you will prevent frustrating detours and establish the essential groundwork to support your future plans.

Our goal is to build well, in everything we do, because we are helping build your success.



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