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Staff Spotlight on Sarah Gariglio

Staff Spotlight on Sarah Gariglio

Sarah Gariglio

Sarah Gariglio

Title: Enrollment Clerk

Department: Student Services

Years at MMCC: 5 years

Favorite thing about MMCC: The diversity and the friendships I’ve made with my awesome co-workers

Horoscope sign: Pisces

Favorite food: Sushi, and my husband’s eggplant Parmesan

Favorite beverage: Sweet iced tea, or a mojito when I’m on vacation

Favorite music: Anything by Train, my favorite band since I was 12 years old

Favorite Michigan vacation spot: The airport, so I can fly to Las Vegas

Tattoos and/or piercings: Only ears pierced, three tattoos on my back

Hobbies: I’m addicted to Zumba fitness, I love kayaking, and playing with my 2-month-old son

Best advice for student success: Truly believe that you are capable of success, and remember that growth only happens when you step outside your comfort zone. So try something new!


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