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MMCC’s hockey team committed to a third season

Laker Current staff report

For the third consecutive year, MMCC students interested in playing hockey will have the opportunity to get some ice time.

It’s just not clear yet whether the team will be part of the American Collegiate Hockey Association, in which they played two years ago, or part of the Mt. Pleasant men’s hockey league, in which they went to the finals last year. The hockey team remains a club activity and is not part of MMCC’s athletic program.

The hockey team opens it second season on Sept. 28. COURTESY PHOTO.

The hockey team opens its 3rd season in Fall 2013. COURTESY PHOTO.

Barney Ledford, the team’s head coach and the coordinator of MMCC’s criminal justice program, remains determined that the team will play on this year. The only question is where. “It all depends on the turnout at our first skate,” he said, explaining that the team needs 15-18 players to attempt to compete in the ACHA.

In the team’s first year, as an affiliate member of the ACHA, the team, comprised entirely of MMCC students, played 18 games, winning its last two. “We showed a lot of improvement,” Ledford said proudly.

But last year, with only eight MMCC students playing, the coaches recruited some MMCC alums and Central Michigan University students, and were able to organize a team to compete in Mt. Pleasant’s men’s hockey league. He said the caliber of play in the league was “surprising” and the team played 20 games, making it to the finals.

“The important thing is that kids get a chance to play hockey,” he said. “And we’re going to play hockey (again this year).”

Fundraisers to help support the team, which is not funded by the college, are already under way, most recently with a golf outing. Meetings held throughout the area by the coaches also have shown promise, Ledford said. “We’re excited about some of this year’s prospects.”

MMCC students interested in team play need to be enrolled in nine credit hours. The date of the first skate is expected to be in early September.

Persons interested in playing or helping support the team should contact Ledford at bledford@midmich.edu.


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