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‘Terror on 27’ returns for 11th year of haunting


Staff Writer

Eleven years ago, Terror on 27 opened its doors to the public for the first time, collectively daring all of Mid-Michigan to come through for a scare. Now, fresh after their celebrated 10-year anniversary, Terror on 27 is back, bigger and more terrifying than ever.

While Terror on 27 has been most famously known for its two main attractions, Insanity and Entanglement, last year saw an additional third haunt open up – the zombie-infested maze “Animosity.” Challenging customers to find their way through the undead highway legion, the maze enjoyed great success. While this year does not feature new haunts, veterans will notice that the newly redesigned rooms of Insanity and Entanglement will provide frighteningly fresh surprises.

Speaking of surprises, customers awaiting entry can expect even more ghoulish crowd entertainment. Also new for this year is an expanded concession menu, as well as a covered waiting area for Entanglement (Haunt 2), ensuring that customers won’t have to wait out in the cold wind and rain.

Tickets for a single attraction are $7, with double and triple haunt combos available for $12 and $15, respectively. A fast pass, which puts the customer at the front of the line, is also available for $20 and includes all three haunts. Special group rates are also available.

Terror on 27 opened Friday, Oct. 4, and will be open every weekend this month. Terror on 27 is located at 8691 S. Bagley Road in Ashley, at the corner of US 127 and M57. Only one question remains – are YOU brave enough? For more information, visit the website at http://www.terroron27.com/



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