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College and parenthood: Not an easy mix


Student contributor


Trying to mix college with being a full -time single mom is not an easy task. Going to classes and juggling in homework is difficult when life revolves around an 11-year-old girl.


If it’s not cheerleading practices, it’s band concerts. If it’s not band concerts, it’s her taking extra beneficial classes such as babysitting. If it’s not babysitting, it’s helping her with her own homework. And if it’s none of the above, it’s her wanting my one-on-one attention. I’m not even including the basic household chores or responsibilities that come with running a household.


Cheer practices consist of me sitting in my truck with my books balanced on the steering wheel catching up on my own studying and homework. At night, I stay up after she goes to bed to finish my homework. There have also been times I’ve incorporated her into my studying by having her ask me questions or write down information for me. As much as I want to be part of her life and changes, she wants the same when it comes to being a part of my life and changes.


I’ve noticed differences in her thinking since she has been included in my schooling/homework. She questions me about what I’m doing for homework. The “why, what, when, where and how” questions. After inquiring about different subjects, she sometimes looks up information about a subject, though it’s mostly biology because creepy things fascinate her.


One question that floored me was when she asked, “How do those two articles you read have anything to do with the book you read?” She wanted to know, so I had to explain to her what the paper was about and how they all incorporated into my overall paper, but I explained it at her level of understanding. She’s also written down problems for me in algebra. Not long ago, she came home excited because she understood and knew how to do math problems with exponents, all because she had helped me with my algebra.


My daughter was and is my encouragement to further my education. Although I’m bettering my own life, I’m also bettering her life and preparing for her future. As of right now, my daughter wants to be a veterinarian.


Though it’s difficult being a single mom and juggling everything, I’ve made a choice to better my life and hers. No matter how difficult it gets or how stressed I get from the load, she is always worth it, and without spoken words, she’s my encouragement, my strength, and my life.



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