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On the Big Screen: About Time

MOVIE: About Time


GENRE: Comedy / Drama / Sci-Fi

DIRECTOR: Richard Curtis

WRITERS: Richard Curtis

WHO’S IN IT: Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams, Bill Nighy

THE STORY: After another disastrous New Year’s Eve party, Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) learns a family secret from his father (Bill Nighy). The men in their family can travel back in time. Tim, who is single, decides early on that he is going to use his gift for love. After moving to London, he meets the girl of his dreams (Rachel McAdams). A travel back in time makes it as though he’s never met her. He finally arranges their meeting, they fall in love and get married. As with all gifts, it does have its limits. In time he realizes that he can’t prevent life’s ups and downs or solve all of the problems of the world.

IN MY OPINION: The movie was more than just about love. To me, it really was about time. Just think, if every time you did or said something stupid you could go back and fix it. If you knew you were going to miss a plane, you could go back in time and leave earlier or take a quicker route. That would be great. But what about just redoing a great day so you could appreciate it so much more? That would be the best. I’ll be honest, I do like a good romantic comedy. But this had something different to it. It really made me think.

(On the Big Screen is a regular monthly feature of The Laker Current and is compiled by staff writers. It is designed to spotlight movies currently being shown in local theaters.)

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