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Winter journalism class to focus on student newspaper

Have an interest in what’s going on around you, writing about the latest fad or simply telling an emotional story? If any of these areas appeals to you, a journalism class offered next semester (Winter 2014)  is open for enrollment.

JOR 120, School Newspaper Publication, is offered at MMCC once a year. This course provides a basic study of journalism as it relates to the publication of MMCC’s online student newspaper, The Laker Current. It teaches journalism skills and helps students recognize issues that matter to MMCC students. It also introduces students to the different types of writing done by professional journalists – such as news, features, sports and opinion. At the same it helps untangle the mystery of why the media covers the stories it does.

This is the third year the class has been offered, although a similar Special Projects class was offered in 2011. At that time there was no student newspaper. It was at the end of that Special Projects class that an online student paper was introduced.  In Fall 2012, student journalists produced a print edition to welcome back students, even selling ads to cover the expenses. This was the first printed student newspaper at MMCC in 20 years. Two more “welcome back” print editions were completed in Winter 2013 and Fall 2013.

The student newspaper, The Laker Current (named by the Special Projects students in class), continues to operate as a club, but is looking for some fresh ideas from students on updating its appearance and appeal. These topics will be discussed as part of the class.

This winter, the course will be taught in a hybrid format, with instruction once a week. The online portion allows students time to conduct interviews and write stories for publication. The 3-credit class is scheduled to be held from 11 a.m. to 12:20 p.m. on Mondays at the Doan Center.



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