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Quilt Blocks Going Up!

quiltDo you know where these quilt blocks will go?  Join the fun Wednesday, December 18th and watch history being made in Clare County.  The Quilt Block Trail sponsored by the Clare County Arts Council is about to begin.  The first quilt block will go up at 9:00 a.m. in Farwell at the Farwell Museum.  Vicky, our Trail Boss  will be there with a flyer showing where the next 6 are going up.  Drew and Jeff from Hoggers’ Custom Sign and Design will be manning the crane or the ladder, whichever is called for to put up the quilt blocks.  The plan is for seven (7) quilt blocks to go up in one day!  One at the Clare City Airport, the Clare City Salt barn,  Depot in Clare, Ron and Barb Kunse’s barn, Caron Nevill’s barn, the Farwell Museum and Cops and Doughnuts in Clare.  Can Drew and Jeff actually get that many up in one day?  We are going to find out. Tell your friends and put December 18th on your calendar; 9:00 am at the Farwell Museum in Farwell.  This will be a very entertaining experience for all.   For more information, contact the Trail Boss, Vicky at 989 289-8235,  vickygunden@gmail.com

Submitted by:

Sandra Doherty PR Clare County Arts Council

808 345-2117



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