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Gatlinburg girls’ getaway attracts Twilight series fans

Staff writer

Vampires, werewolves and witches will all be on hand Feb. 21-23 as fans of both the Twilight series and the Vampire Diaries descend on the town of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, for the second Twilight at Mystic Falls Gatlinburg Girls’ Getaway.

For many fans this is a long anticipated event with appearances by actors from both series. The event will officially kick off Friday night with a pajama party complete with Alice Cullen makeovers and a gift exchange. Saturday’s events will begin with a Q&A with actors such as Booboo Stewart, Nathaniel Buzolic and Guri Weinberg. Fans will also have the option to purchase VIP tickets to have more one-on-one time with the actors, followed by a vampire masquerade ball.

This weekend draws fans from all parts of the United States plus Canada. Angie Brenna, a resident of Kingston, Canada, states: “This will be my first time attending the trip. I am really looking forward to meeting my online friends, Cammie and Jamie. We have been online friends for about three years or so. It will be awesome to finally meet face-to-face. I am also looking forward to the VIP events.”

Fans of both series will be traveling to Gatlinburg for a number of different reasons. Carol Griffith of Nashville, Tennessee, stated: “I am most excited to travel, having not been anywhere in over six years. Meeting people who share my love for Twilight and now the Vampire Diaries, as well as meeting some of the actors, is a plus.”

For many fans Gatlinburg is a long drive from their hometowns but when asked about the drive many fans had mixed reactions about whether or not they should make the trip. Mariah Herbert has a 15-hour drive from her home in Houston, Texas. “The distance was a problem and made me think twice about coming, but the excitement of the other stuff trumped that,” Herbert said.

Angie Brennan’s trip is just a bit shorter at 14 hours, but her reaction was completely different. “The further away from home the better,” she said.

With fans excited for the event, the 2014 Mystic Falls at Twilight Gatlinburg Girls’ Getaway is sure to be a smash hit. Even though the event is geared towards women, men are also welcome at the event.  For more information on this year’s Gatlinburg event and future events, visit the Mystic Falls at Twilight Gatlinburg Girls’ Getaway Facebook page.


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