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A snow day: Is it really a day off?

Staff Writer

What is everyone’s favorite day when they attend any kind of schooling, at least in Michigan? As a college student it’s one of two things: Your professor cancels class or the college declares a snow day. That’s right, you guessed it, a snow day!

We were lucky enough to have one this past semester and so I began to wonder what is the perfect idea for a snow day? The good students would say that they have to work on homework or maybe even study, but that isn’t what I would want to do.

I, on our last snow day, was awakened by a text that read “MMCC is closed for the day” and shortly thereafter my phone rang. On the phone was a friend who invited me over for a home-cooked breakfast. I miss not getting this kind of meal very often. Then we went to Midland and did some shopping.

Recall the days when you would get the day off and just think of all the things you would have planned. Like snowball fights, because we all know that we weren’t allowed to have them at school. Or maybe you would make a snowman or a snow fort?

When I talked to a fellow student, her plans were to go sledding. I was surprised to hear that an adult would go sledding. When you think about it, it was a lot of fun, so why couldn’t we as adults go and have fun sledding? On my next snow day I think I might go and have a ball sledding.

So this got me thinking … what are things that other people do on such days? So I went out asking. The majority of the people that I asked answered that they only look forward to snow days because that means that they get to sleep in. I know that we all feel like this. I know that I do between school and work, not to mention a social life. So I too like the idea of sleeping in.

I asked another friend and his answer was “It’s pint night at the Wayside.” So his plans were to drink all day and go out that night. I hoped for his sake that we had a second snow day to nurse a hang over. He wasn’t so lucky, however.

So what would be the perfect idea for a snow day? One student gave an answer that I never would have thought of — a Star Wars marathon. What she said was that she “made her living room into a dark movie theater, made popcorn and had a blast.” I know that if I were to make a movie day, mine would be a Harry Potter day. She also said that she would do this when she was younger and it brought back all kinds of good memories. After that, she admitted that she did do some homework.

Most students agreed that they try to have fun on their day off, but when all is said and done, you still have class and eventually homework. This means that a majority of students on their day off still do homework and study for tests.

So when you think about it, is a snow day really a day off? We all have to pass our classes to get anywhere in life and so when we get a chance to get ahead, we need to seize that opportunity. Make sure to have the fun you deserve, but keep in mind that your studies are important and that a snow day can help you keep up and maybe even get ahead if possible.


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