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MMCC awards 8 full-ride scholarships to outstanding students

This year marks the second in which Mid Michigan Community College awarded competitive full ride scholarships to eight exceptional high school seniors. Laker Distinction (LD) Scholarships are offered at two award levels, with four of each being conveyed.

The scholarship’s traditional level provides for 31 credits worth of tuition and fees. Presidential LD Scholarships, the highest awards, include 62 credits (the equivalent of an associates degree) worth of tuition and fees. The Presidential LD Scholarship is renewable and includes a $500/semester stipend for books and school supplies.

To qualify for LD Scholarships, applicants must be Michigan high school seniors with a 3.5 GPA or better. Selection for the 2014 scholarships occurred over the course of two months, and applicants attended two events at MMCC as they progressed through the process.

Final determinations were based on applicants’ leadership, service, and academic performance, which were assessed through a variety of measures. Students submitted creative response pieces, wrote on-campus essay responses, and, for those moving to the final round of selection, underwent a series of short interviews with MMCC personnel.

“We know that a lot of these high caliber students see MMCC as a gateway to their future educations, so we took the selection process very seriously,” said Brent Mishler, MMCC Associate Director of Admissions. “We wanted to ensure that review was impartial, fair, and considered the scope of abilities that students have—we really wanted a chance to get to know the applicants as much as possible.”

2014 Laker Distinction Presidential Scholarship (2 year):

Katlin Kindel (Ithaca High School), Tara Pummell (Clare High School), Shayann Richardson (McBain High School), and Nicole Solomon (Beaverton High School)

2014 Laker Distinction Scholarship (1 year):

Malinda Hershberger (Clare High School), Emily Branigan (Shepherd High School), Vanessa Waldron (Ithaca High School), and Travis Walton (Clare High School)

“It’s impossible to convey how challenging final selection was,” noted Jessie Gordon, MMCC’s Director of Admissions. “The applicants were outstanding—I think that all of us who spent time with these students have renewed hopes for our future leaders. Our local communities include some truly remarkable young people.”

To learn more about the Laker Distinction Scholarships at MMCC, visit midmich.edu/distinction or contact Jessie Gordon at (989) 317-4626 or jmgordon@midmich.edu.

Pictured, from left to right, this year’s Laker Distinction Presidential Awardees: Shayann Richardson, Nicole Solomon, Katlin Kindel, and Tara Pummell



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