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Ready to graduate? Be sure to apply early

Staff Writer

Graduation is just around the corner, but for students eligible to receive their diploma, it’s not automatic.

Not knowing when or how to apply for graduation is a problem some students encounter and it affects them in the long run. MMCC recommends that each student apply as early as possible for graduation. The rule of thumb is that the student should apply before the end of the anticipated last semester. The early application is recommended to head off any problems that may arise.

When the application for graduation is completed, the students will receive an audit of their transcripts letting them know if they are eligible for graduation. The audit will be completed by the MMCC Transcript Coordinator Charles H. “Hank” Bryan. He can be contacted at cbryan@midmich.edu or at (989) 386-6622, Ext.395. Prior to graduation, each student’s transcript will be reviewed to determine if he or she will receive a degree. If students complete all of their required credits, they will be notified of completion. Students will receive their diplomas in the mail after graduation is completed.

Each student may attend the commencement ceremony at the end of the year but have to apply. The student is required to sign up for the commencement as soon as possible. The commencement will require a fee to be paid by all students attending. This year’s graduation takes place June 10 at Clare High School. Students need not attend commencement to receive a diploma.

Graduating with honors is a huge opportunity for students to show off their hard work. Students who obtain a certain grade point average will receive honors. A cumulative GPA of 3.5-3.89 will receive honors. A GPA of 3.9-4.0 will result in high honors. Transferring students can’t graduate with honors unless they have taken half their credits at MMCC.

To get the graduation process going, the student needs to send an email to the transcript coordinator and let him know that they are ready for graduation. He will respond to the student and let them know what information he needs. He will require the following information: your name as you would like it to appear on your diploma, the address to which you would like the diploma mailed, your expected final semester, and the program you expect to complete.

A Graduation Fair also is scheduled for April 17 from 9-11:30 a.m. at the Harrison campus bookstore and from 1-4 p.m. at the Doan bookstore in Mt. Pleasant. At that time, students can purchase such items as caps and gowns, diploma covers, frames and extra tassels.

So if you’re nearing graduation, head to the MMCC graduation website to apply. The steps are easy to complete. Students just need to start early and ask questions if needed.


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