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It’s time to shake off the winter blahs

Staff Writer

Summer is fast approaching — and not a moment too soon for many students. It may not seem like it, but it has officially been spring for a few weeks now. Some people may miss the cold winter that we have just endured, but I think it is safe to say that most won’t.

The snow eventually will melt away and be replaced with green grass and flowers. You won’t have to wear three layers of clothes anymore or have your heat running continuously at home. This winter has been especially cold and long. It’s no wonder that the film “Frozen” did so well at the box office these past few months.

The late thawing and weather extremes are also damaging some of Michigan’s crops, inevitably resulting in higher prices at the grocery store..

If you are able to put winter in the past, there are several things to look forward to this summer. One thing I enjoy, being a sports fan, is baseball season. When baseball gets in full swing, that’s how I know summer is nearing. Baseball means warm weather, or in Michigan’s case, it means 50 degrees.

Also, being a Tigers fan is always fun during baseball season. I remember sitting outside by the pool and having the radio on, just listening to the Tigers games for many summer days and nights. It will be nice to be able to do it again this year.

School is also out for the summer unless you decide to continue taking classes. The end of a semester can mean a lot for students. It could have been a grueling semester where you are waiting for the end. It could have been an easy semester that just flew by. Whatever it may mean to you, it was a semester full of opportunities. The end of the semester brings ends and new beginnings. It also gives you an opportunity to start fresh the next semester or follow a new path altogether.

So whatever your plans may be, summer is a great time of the year — a time that should hold at least a little excitement for everyone. If anything, it will give a few months off from school so you won’t have to worry about that exam that’s coming up or that paper you have to write.

It will also get warmer. You just have to learn to be very patient with Michigan’s weather.


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