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MMCC PTK students bring home state awards

Mid Michigan Community College students and their advisor from MMCC’s chapter of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Alpha Omicron Omicron, attended the Michigan Regional Convention hosted by Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City May 16-18. MMCC returned with a variety of awards, including a “5-Star Chapter Development Award.”

gavin chuppIn addition, MMCC student Gavin Chupp was a candidate for vice president of the Michigan Region Officer board. One of the duties of a Regional Officer is to travel to some of the other 31 Michigan community colleges to speak at induction ceremonies and orientations, as well as participate in events networking with chapter members.

To receive this honor, each candidate was first required to give a speech on the society’s honors study topic — “Frontiers and the Spirit of Exploration.” They then answered questions presented by current regional officers. Finally, they were each given an hour and a half at a political rally to greet

MMCC's PTK attendees stop for a photo

MMCC’s PTK attendees stop for a photo

members and voting delegates. Ten members of the AOO team attended the convention and assisted with Gavin’s campaign.

Although Gavin was not selected, chapter advisor Tammy Alvaro said he wanted to come home from the conference and be a better, stronger leader for MMCC’s chapter and hoped to take the chapter to new levels of excellence.

As part of his speech on “Frontiers and the Spirit of Exploration,” Gavin, who is MMCC’s chapter president, stated: “Human passion for seeking new discoveries and new horizons makes us strive for things that are bigger than ourselves. We start our lives this way as we are born in as a member of a family. As we grow through life, and strive through new journeys, we realize we do not do anything alone.”

Gavin noted that a family includes more than just a mother, a father, a sister, or a brother. “Family is the people we surround ourselves with, and that we are happy to be around,” he said. “The people that we accept and who accept us no matter what our flaws may be. … That’s what Phi Theta Kappa is- One Big Family. … We accept one another as is, we challenge and encourage one another to new horizons, on new adventures. …and we will change the world because we have each other.”

In addition to the “5-Star Chapter Development Award,” MMCC’s Alpha Omicron Omicron chapter also received the following Michigan Region Awards:

* College Project – Working with College Administrators – 1st place

* Distinguished Chapter Officer Team

* Distinguished Chapter Officer Awards – Allyson Sura and Charles VanConant

* Michigan Region Performing Arts Award – Alaura Soto – 1st runner-up

* Michigan Region Visual Arts/Photography – Kayla Starkey – 1st runner-up


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