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New and improved café replaces cafeteria in Harrison

The Harrison campus may look a bit different this fall if you’re in search of a place to eat.

Books ‘n Beans has relocated from inside the library to the corridor outside the library and is getting a new look and menu, while the cafeteria, known to many as Club Mid, is no longer open for food service.

Work is progressing on new food service area

Work is progressing on new food service area

A new café-type food service is being created to replace Books ‘n Beans, which was a small coffee and snack bar open to students and staff. This new service was prompted by several factors, according to Carol Churchill, who retired this summer as MMCC president.

“First, the Library and Learning Services and the campus’ tutoring services are being consolidated into one unit within the library to provide more efficient service to students and improved staffing arrangements,” she explained in an email earlier this summer. “To accommodate all personnel, the Books ‘n Beans area needed to be used.”

Harrison Library has combined related student services

Harrison Library has combined related student services

As a result, the central location in the corridor, which formerly was a sitting area for students. was selected. “We have also noticed that while utilization of Books ‘n Beans was increasing, utilization of the cafeteria has been steadily declining,” she said.

Churchill also explained that the Clare-Gladwin RESD has been searching for several years for a commercial kitchen to enhance and enlarge its culinary arts program. Because of all these factors, she said MMCC has adopted a pilot arrangement for the 2014-2015 academic year where the cafeteria will be closed and replaced by the CGRESD culinary arts program.

“The CGRESD instructional staff are excited about the many ways in which the curriculum will be expanded to include travel and tourism, food service and preparation, lodging, customer service, safety and sanitation, math, and skills development in communication, teamwork, decision-making, and employability,” Churchill said.

Under the new structure, the newly constructed café outside the library (yet to be renamed) will be offering an expanded menu including hot and cold sandwiches and subs, pizza, bagels and prepackaged snacks, salads, smoothies, specialty coffee and other beverages. Dining areas will be provided along the window wall of the library and in room 166, which is located nearby the café and will be refreshed to offer a pleasant dining and relaxation venue.

A list of caterers is being developed to serve the food service needs for special groups and events at the college, Churchill said. Other details of this arrangement were to be worked out over the summer.

So next time you’re seeking a snack or a meal in Harrison, don’t go to the cafeteria. Rather seek out the new and improved café outside the library.


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