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Stay on campus, go online with ExpressSOS.com

Stay on campus, go online with ExpressSOS.com No-wait Secretary of State is a convenient option for students

LANSING, Mich. – Secretary of State Ruth Johnson today reminded college students to go online – not stand in line – to do business with her office at ExpressSOS.com.

“If you need to change your address or renew your vehicle registration, you can do it online with us in minutes,” Johnson said. “We know that, as students, your study time is important and you would rather spend your free time somewhere else than at a Secretary of State office. ExpressSOS.com lets you stay on campus and save time by going online.”

ExpressSOS.com, the online, no-wait Secretary of State, has surpassed 5.7 million time-saving transactions to date. It offers a convenient alternative for renewing license plates, driver’s licenses and state ID cards as well as changing your address and more. Customers who renew their license plate online can simply “print-n-go” by printing a copy of their new registration to use until their tab arrives in the mail.

When customers change their address online, the system also updates their voting address, Johnson said. This can make participating in elections easier for students, who otherwise would have to return to their hometown on Election Day or obtain an absentee ballot in order to vote.

Some of the additional options offered on the site include the ability to order a duplicate title or registration plus links to join the Michigan Organ Donor Registry and search for available personalized plates at Plate It Your Way.


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