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Creating a satisfying career path can be as easy as asking for help


Region 7B Marketing Coordinator — Michigan Works!


Kelli K. Nicholas

Kelli K. Nicholas

Are you living the life you imagined?

Have you accomplished your personal goals for the year?

Are you happy with your accomplishments?

Are you happy with your mojo of self-esteem and positive energy?

Were you an in-house expert at your last place of employment? Did fellow co-workers or management go to you for a certain topic or to solve a situation?

Do you feel stuck in a hole and need someone to throw you a rope?

Many of us have battle scars from past medical, retail, hospitality or manufacturing jobs. These jobs make great stories of situations when you had to think fast to solve a customer’s issue, fill in for a last-minute shift or handle something crazy. These experiences prove you know how to take care of customers, both internal and external.

These timeless experiences weaved together create a career direction and a life plan. Sometimes there are hiccups along the journey, like that part-time gig that was not your cup of tea but helped pay the bills, the demonic or diva boss, or being downsized for no fault of your own.

SMidMichiganCareerOutlookince you will spend more time at work than at other activities, you should find something fun and enjoyable in your career path — but how? Your resume needs to be more than just a list of job duties, but should be a colorful explanation of accomplishments. These stories can be from work, a class project or a student leadership position. It should clarify what you did, why you did it, the results, and why someone should care.

Some job seekers sit at home alone, applying online, and wait for the phone to ring. Instead, you should be proactive following up on leads, networking and fine-tuning your resume, cover letters and interviewing skills.

There are many free resources to help you develop a career path and an active job search plan to reach your goals.  Michigan Works! is one such place to use computers, attend interactive workshops and learn you are not alone in your journey. The staff can help you develop a new career and future through the use of interest, aptitude and personality surveys, daily job postings and direct contact with employers. We are the gurus of helping people find career direction and work that does not feel like a job, but a passion and a drive.

Your career path is riddled with lots of bumps and turns. Asking for help is hard. Getting help is easy.

(Mid Michigan Career Outlook is a regular feature of The Laker Current.)

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